Make your own budget-friendly Halloween costume

First, a tip: don’t wear masks in the branches this time of year. Your bank robber costume may look authentic, but it could get you in a lot of trouble. If we can’t see your face, please don’t step foot in the branch. I hope the reason is obvious.

Second, the affordable costume tips, thanks to Frugal Village. “Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes” lists great costume ideas for kids (and adults!) using nothing more than household items and used clothing. With just a few simple items, you can create a princess, any animal, a hobo, or a scarecrow. For the crafty, Frugal Village offers these tips:

1. Use spray paints or craft paints. fabric dye, fabric paints and/or pens, to color recycled items to desired color. One year I used silver spray paint to color and entire outfit for my son’s tin man costume. We recycled aluminum foil to use in making the hat and the axe. Some silver body glitter on the hands and face put the finishing touches on this costume!

2. Use regular clothing to create an all-over color effect as with the animal costumes.

3. Consider mittens or gloves when you need hand color

4. A gallon ice cream bucket w/handle makes a perfect trick or treat bucket. I save these throughout the year and recycle for hundreds of other uses. Use neon paint or stickers to add bright decorations. This is a good safety technique to make kids more visible while trick or treating

5. Make your own face paint: You will need Corn starch, Water, Cold cream, and Food coloring.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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