The best home-heating tips from around the web

This past weekend, we hit some major lows: high of 4 degrees on Friday, wind chills that take your breath away, and home heating bills that make your holiday spending look like a flea market trip.

Here are some of the best frugal heating tips we found from around the web. Above all? There’s no such thing as “too many layers” in the winter.

MSN Money: “Opening curtains and shades on south-facing windows during the day allows solar radiation to warm a living space; closing all curtains at night helps retard the escape of that heat.”

Motley Fool: “Ceiling fans can be effective at circulating warm air that normally collects by your ceiling, where you can’t enjoy it.”

Yahoo! Green: “Using door snakes. Less scary than they sound, door snakes can block air from traveling under your doorjambs. Try the traditional fabric-filled kind or rubber versions sold in hardware stores throughout the country.”

Lifehacker: “If you use a humidifier and keep your home’s humidity level around 45%, you should see that the temperature that your thermostat displays is also the ‘feels like’ temperature.” [reader tip] “Close off some rooms that aren’t used often. Instead of family members spending evenings in their individual rooms, get together in one room and heat that room. Shut off the heating vents to unused rooms.”

How do you keep warm during these cold Michigan winters?

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