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2009: a Mobile ATM Odyssey

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Watch for it at this weekend’s Spring Women’s Expo!

Member gets her bailout – $500 worth


Congratulations to Sherry H. of Jackson – she’s our “Where’s MY bailout?” cash stimulus winner. Sherry wins $500 for refinancing her 2005 Town & Country van with American 1 back in December.

We thought, with all the stimulus talk, that we would offer members their own bailout package when they refinanced a vehicle with American 1. One lucky member would win $500 cash.

Sherry was that lucky member. Congrats, Sherry!

Debit card denied? Here’s why

Has your debit card been denied sometime in the past week?

There’s a reason, and – if you can believe it – it’s because of a single little number.

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All that glitters at the Spring Women’s Expo


We wanted to give you a preview of the three pieces of jewelry you could win at the Spring Women’s Expo, taking place this Saturday, courtesy of Gold Crown Jewelers in Jackson.

One lucky winner will receive the necklace above – featuring a topaz pendant and 14k gold rope chain.


The second prize is the 10k woman’s diamond fashion ring (above).


Gold Crown Jewelers’s third prize is the 10k gold amethyst earrings (above).

Gold Crown Jewelers have supported the last two women’s expos with fabulous jewelry prizes, and this spring’s event is no different.

American 1 is also offering a $200 shopping spree for one lucky woman who attends the expo. To enter to win, just make sure you get an entry ticket on your way in.

See you on Saturday!

Christmas Club $250 deposit winner

Christmas Club winner

Congratulations to Nicole Fausz of Jackson – she wins the $250 deposit into her Christmas Club.

Nicole won by opening up a club account in February and making automatic deposits into it with her paycheck.

“It’s an easy way for me to save for my two kids’ Christmas,” she told me.

Way to go, Nicole!

Donate your change at Pak Mail for good cause

Pak Mail, our partners at Project: Zero Waste, are launching a “Keep the Change” donation campaign to help local families in need.

Pak Mail is joining the “Neighbors in Need” initiative to raise $650,000 to help 500 families in Jackson. It is a collaborative community effort to provide utility bill and food assistance spearheaded by United Way and 30 other local groups.

At Pak Mail, giving is easy: just donate your loose change leftover after you’ve shipped or mailed your materials. Pak Mail will take all the loose change over a month and donate it to “Neighbors in Need.”

Do your part at Pak Mail’s location, over at 1737 Spring Arbor Rd. If you have any questions about the program, contact Kelly Sowers at (517) 787-9966.

Crazy Bowl cash machine winner

The winnings

Congratulations to Josephine Marco (above, with grandson Mike) for winning Junior Achievement’s Crazy Bowl grand prize – a trip to our cash machine for a chance to grab for $1,000.

Falling money

Josephine had her grandson grab for the cash (above). Josephine won the grand prize drawing after buying a raffle ticket from her daughter, Ann Marie. All proceeds from the drawing went to support Junior Achievement’s Crazy Bowl fundraiser.

Count it up

Mike grabbed $423 for his grandma, which isn’t a bad haul. They stopped by our Home Office on Saturday to try the cash grab with Marla (above).

Congrats to Josephine!

Secure your funds: stick with plain ol’ certificates

Certificates of deposit (CDs, or just certificates) have many faces, as the New York Times points out.

The story tells how even the plain vanilla certificate become involved in an $8 billion scandal. The thing is, that kind of CD differs from other kinds of CDs.

To start, you have your basic certificate: you give a bank or a credit union money, and they pay you a dividend when the certificate matures. You can’t touch the money until the term is up, however, without paying fees and penalties. They carry virtually no risk because you know what kind of interest your money will earn ahead of time. Even better, the NCUA covers your credit union certificate deposit up to $250,000. American 1 offers these types of certificates, and so do most other banks and credit unions.

After that, things get tricky. There are brokered CDs, where brokers pool investors’ money to get a better return; indexed CDs, that are coupled with “equity index such as the Standard & Poor’s 500 or the Dow Jones industrial average”; and many other types of CDs that offer a variety of returns and security options. Just know that not every certificate is as safe as the certificate of deposit.

Be sure to do plenty of research before you put your money in anything besides a plain certificate.

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