Project: Zero Waste cleans up Jackson

Zero Waste - Welcome to Zero Waste

American 1’s Project: Zero Waste day was a hit.

Over the course of five hours on Saturday, April 18, we collected 57 televisions, 50 computer monitors, 55 flourescent tubes, 490 tires, 34 LP tanks, 240 gallons of motor oil, 5,000 lbs. of scrap metal, 506 lbs. of clothing, eight pieces of furniture, 170 lbs. of household items, 12 yards of cardboard, 10 yards of grass and clippings, and tons of paper, plastic, and glass. About 140 people came through the Jackson County Fairgrounds to participate.

Not bad for the first time, eh?

American 1 partnered up with area waste haulers and recyclers to help clean up Jackson the weekend before Earth Day. Lots of people asked if we were doing it again, and all we can say now is that we need to hear from more people. Would you find another Zero Waste day useful? Did it help? Was it affordable?

Be sure to check out more pictures on our Flickr site from the day, and let us know in the comments below what you thought of the first ever Project: Zero Waste.

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