Grow your own veggies to help your budget

The Washington Post reports on the growing demand for vegetable, fruit, and bean seeds as a way to save money on groceries:

Seed producers and merchants across the United States are reporting the same phenomenon of crazy demand and even some shortages, especially of staples like beans, potatoes and lettuces. Sales of seed packets picked up last year and have grown significantly again this season, which runs from January to June.

Industry observers attribute the boost in sales to a concern for food safety following outbreaks of E. coli and salmonella poisonings and a desire by consumers to be a part of the local food movement. Michelle Obama’s new vegetable garden at the White House may also be inspiring people, they said.

But the primary reasons, they speculate, are the recession, income loss and the need for people to lower their grocery bills by growing their own.

Here around the American 1 branches, many employees grow their own vegetables and bring in the extras to share. They’re helping themselves and their co-workers. If you’re growing your own garden and have a surplus of veggies, share the wealth.

Have your own garden story or tips to share? Tell us in the comments!

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