Auto loans: fulfilling one guy’s dream

Frances, one of the Member Service Specialists at our Home Office in Jackson, had this story to share about a recent loan closing:

I did a loan for a teenaged guy yesterday who brought his grandpa in as co-signer.

This guy was just so stoked about the 2000 Ford Mustang he was buying; he was overflowing with that unmistakable first-car enthusiasm that seemed to be contagious enough to sufficiently ward off the grandpa’s supposed orneriness. Not even the fact that Secretary of State wasn’t open yesterday [July 6] and he’d only be able to pick up the car today could dampen his fervor. Nor did his grandpa’s explicit threat to twist his arm off and beat him with the bloody stump if he didn’t make his payments put a dent in his mood (“I know where you live, boy! Remember that!”).

He left a happy guy with his check and I thought that was the end of it.

Well, little did I know that one of the first stops he’d be making after picking up his car today was Home Office, with the sole purpose of showing me his shiny new ride. It was fantastic to be able to share in his enthusiasm as we exchanged excited remarks about what a deal it was and how shiny and red she was, glistening there in the parking lot.

He thanked me again for all I’d done and took off, but left me with a warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction for having had a part to play in this 18 year old fulfilling one of his greatest dreams.

Since we do a lot of auto loans, this kind of thing probably happens more often than we think. What about you: what was your first car or truck? And how did you get it?

Let us know in the comments!

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