Credit unions share what banks don’t

A brief story to highlight what the credit union difference can really mean.

I found a credit union in Wisconsin, Kohler Credit Union, that offers what they call “bunny slippers services” – essentially, convenient online banking services much like we offer through A1@home. Except they built an entire web site for Frank and Eddy, their bunny slipper mascots. To promote the service, Kohler gives out bunny slipper window clings and if you’re caught with one on your car, they give you cash. Cool idea, right?

On a whim, I ordered a few of the window clings for a few of us around the office. Not that a Kohler representative is going to be touring around Jackson looking for bunny slippers on someone’s car. But it’s a neat idea, and we wanted to have some fun.

I got an e-mail from Kohler’s marketing coordinator thanking me for ordering the window clings, and we had a bit of fun talking about it.

What bank would do that?

In the credit union world, we tend to share and exchange ideas instead of keeping everything secretive. It’s a testament to the cooperative nature of our business. Because we work at service above everything else, we’re not so preoccupied with making the big money banks do.

That’s the credit union difference.

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