How to sign up for MasterCard’s Secure Code

Maybe you’ve been ready to purchase something online with your American 1 MasterCard debit card, but you get prompted by something called SecureCode.

MasterCard’s SecureCode is a security system to prevent online fraud and theft. It protects others from using your American 1 debit card, keeping your money safe.

There’s just a bit of set-up required. First, you have to make your way to American 1’s own SecureCode site, where you can begin the registration process.


When you click on American 1’s link, the first thing you’ll see is a “Register Now” button. Click that to begin the process.


Be sure to read through the agreement and click “I Agree” underneath.


On the next screen, you’ll enter your American 1 debit card number.


Then, SecureCode will ask for the rest of your information, including your card’s expiration date, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your birthdate. This is to confirm that it’s actually you signing up with the SecureCode system.

Finally, you’ll pick your Secure Code – a 8-15 character password made up of both numbers and letters. Use something that you’ll remember, but is hard for others to guess, and the more numbers and letters you use, the better. If you forget your Secure Code, you’ll have to pick a new one.

Now, when you’re prompted to enter your SecureCode at online retailers, you’ll be set up with MasterCard’s security system.

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