Storage units bad, saving money good


Do you keep things in a storage unit? If so, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars that could be better spent somewhere else.

That’s the lesson behind Wise Bread’s storage unit post.

The conclusion? Storage units are a money, time, and effort sink.

Not only do they cost money to store things you’re probably not using anyway, they also affect the world around you:

Bigger houses are harder to fill up, which may explain why Americans buy twice the number of consumer goods than the citizens of any other first world nation. (Okay, so we’re a geographically huge country, but if we’ve got such big homes, why do we need an additional billion square feet of storage space?) The environmental cost of creating, transporting and finally housing two billion square feet of unused possessions is mindboggling.

If you’re backpacking across Europe for a year, or a member of the armed forces, storage units can make sense.

If, however, you’re using a storage unit to stash away possessions because you don’t have room for them, you might have a problem.

Ask yourself: if your photo albums or boxes of momentos are important to you, why are they out of sight, out of mind?

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