GAP Advantage helps with next vehicle


When it comes to vehicle accidents, Danny Dykes has seen the worst of the worst not once – but twice.

One Sunday morning in August 2008, Dykes was driving a half mile from his home when a driver ran a stop sign and plowed into his 2004 GMC Canyon. Dykes’ truck rolled twice, and he woke up 12 days later in the hospital, sewn up with 128 stitches and several broken bones.

“But there was only one thing I thought about when I woke up,” Dykes says, “and that was my truck.”

His canary yellow GMC Canyon, a special order from Huff Auto, was totaled. Luckily, he didn’t have to worry about financing his next truck. American 1’s Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) gave him $1,000 toward the purchase of his next vehicle. It’s called the GAP Advantage.

Dykes’ horrific accident wasn’t the first time he used American 1’s GAP Advantage. His wife used it to pay off a totaled 2000 Dodge Intrepid after an accident several years ago.

“I never thought I’d use GAP, either,” Dykes, a regular at American 1’s Vandercook Branch, says. “But we’ve used it twice.”

Dykes opted to put GAP on his 2006 Dodge Dakota, of course, because of the two vehicle accidents. Now he’s a firm believer in the protection GAP offers.

“I recommend it most highly,” he says. “It’ll only cost a few bucks, and you never know what’s going to happen out there.”

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