Compare your card with American 1’s Visa

Next week, we’re launching an initiative called We Understand. We’ve read the news about what big, out-of-town banks are doing to their credit card customers, and we think our Visa card can be a viable alternative to higher rates, annual fees, and hidden charges.

We have so much confidence in our Visa card, in fact, that we’ve done a bunch of research on everyone else’s card for a fair comparison. What’s their rate? What penalties do they charge? How much extra do you have to pay for a balance transfer?

So we’ve lined up our card with dozens of others in a handly, downloadable format – our Credit Card Comparison.

Feel free to download the PDF, browse through what cards are out there, and make your own determination about which card fits you best. Note that, on the comparison, anything marked in red means you’ll pay more with that card. Hopefully that makes it easy to do some comparison shopping.

We think that our combination of hometown service, ScoreCard points for gift and travel rewards, no extra or hidden fees for things like balance transfers and cash advances, and a stable, steady, and affordable rate make American 1 the best place to get a credit card.

But do your own research. And, while you’re at it, watch our fun video.

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