Great Rates, Quality Products and Cash Back = The Best Way to Bank

Rates as low as 1.99%* combined with quality insurance products AND an instant cash back bonus? That’s the American 1 way.  Not only do you have access to American 1’s auto loan expertise, we are here to educate you about how auto loan financing works when you do on the spot financing at the dealership.

Cash back to our members – not the dealerships.

Many banks, finance companies, and even credit unions will pay a dealership for your loan.  Not American 1. We want to give that cash back to our members.  That’s why when you finance a loan with American 1 in the month of April- we will offer you an instant cash bonus*!

Get pre-approved and avoid the high rates!

Be prepared when you go shopping and have an American 1 pre-approval already in place.  This will help protect you against high interest rates that the financial institutions working with the dealerships offer. Why do they hike up the rates?  Simple – the bankers had to pay the dealership for your loan.

Pricey Insurance Products vs. Quality Product Protection

Did you know that GAP protection at a dealership can cost nearly double what it does at American 1? Not only is it more expensive at the dealerships, but American 1 offers an added benefit of a $1,000 credit toward your next vehicle purchase if your vehicle is deemed beyond repair.  American 1 also offers life insurance coverage up to the age of 75 and disability coverage up to the age of 68.  This is several years longer than our competition and American 1 exclusively offers this amazing product enhancement. American 1 is dedicated to protecting our membership at reasonable rates with quality products.

Refinance Opportunity

Already have your financing with another bank or credit union?  No worries!  You can refinance with American 1, lower your monthly payment, take advantage of quality insurance products and collect your cash reward.

Avoid the frustration and get the low rates, quality products and instant cash back that you deserve. When you do the math, American 1 is truly the best way to bank.

*See branch for details

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