American 1 CU’s branches adopt 15 families this holiday season

JACKSON, Mich. – American 1 Credit Union is dedicated to the communities they serve and feel strongly about giving back.  This year, American 1 was able to adopt several families within the communities they serve this holiday season. Each of its branches, as well as their back office staff, marketing department and resource center employees were given the task to find and adopt their own families.

American 1 provided each group with $270 to start and each was encouraged to raise more money. Staff held bake sales, asked members to donate their change or contributed to the cause from of their own pockets. Among all 15 groups, a total of nearly $8,000 was spent on their efforts to help others during the holidays.

Many families were single mothers with multiple children; there were a couple of military families, two families living in one household. Families were found through the AWARE Shelter, Volunteers of America, Adopt a National Guard, and area schools. The Resource Center decided to adopt the AWARE Shelter as a whole and provide them with items they needed to get through the holidays and into the new year. A total of 62 people were adopted, including 43 children, and were able to enjoy a Christmas to remember. The pictures attached are just a sample of what some branches were able to provide their adopted families.

American 1 Federal Credit Union

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