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The benefit of no-surcharge ATMs.

Bad news

Americans paid more than $4 billion in ATM fees last year. And big banks like Bank of America have raised their charges to $3 a pop.

Good news

American 1 offers no-surcharge ATMs at each of our more-than-40 locations. If you did get charged for using one of our ATMs, it’s your bank that charged you, not us.

Maybe they’re trying to send you a message…

ATM fees keep rising, but not at American 1

Depressing news from the New York Times on rising ATM fees. If you use someone else’s ATMs, that institution could charge you, on average, $1.78 – or higher. According to the Times:

Those extra charges add up: Americans paid almost $4.4 billion in A.T.M. fees last year, Bankrate estimated.

Isn’t it good to know that, even if you’re not an American 1 member, our ATMs will never charge a surcharge?

If you’re banking with someone else, however…

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