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Rebate 2010: In the market

Robert Baker took the rebate

Robert Baker wasn’t thinking about getting a new car until he learned about the loan rebate at our Battle Creek Branch last year.

The car? A 2009 Mercedes-Benz Clk.

“It was a car I’ve wanted for a long time,” Robert says. “And the price was right.”

Robert was one of the top rebate recipients this past January, earning back over $1,100. He and his wife used the rebate cash to travel to Florida with a motorcycle and cruise through the Keys.

To get the rebate, he financed a smaller, sporty luxury car that only had 400 miles on the odometer – but was still considered used. Robert spotted the Mercedes on eBay, waited until the auction ended, then called up the owner and made a deal.

“Without the rebate, I wouldn’t have even been looking,” he says. “All things considered, it wasn’t bad. Everything fell into place.”

Now he loves his car, and recommends that others take advantage of the rebate, too.

“Especially if you’re in the market,” Robert says. “I might just do it again this year.”

Learn more about our 2010 rebate.

October GreenBack group: Leila Arboretum Society

Leila Arboretum Society

Pay a visit to the Leila Arboretum Society in Battle Creek and you’ll be visiting a place dedicated to plants. Appreciation of plants, planting of plants, education about plants – it’s a peaceful, sprawling place that fosters wonder in children and green thumbs for adults.

The Arboretum was American 1’s October GreenBack organization. For each new member referred to us in October, we donated $2 to this “green” group. We had 114 new members referred, which means we gave a gift of $228 to the Society’s endowment fund.

Brett Myers gives the tour

Brett Myers, LAS’s interim executive director (above), gave me a tour of the Arboretum this week on a sunny, warm, picturesque fall afternoon. The Society works on repairs and databasing plants in the fall and winter, Myers said, and when I showed up he and several workers were replacing the plastic on top of the horticulture greenhouse, a 6,000 square foot facility dedicated to raising plants.

Myers said the Leila Arboretum Society has three main areas of focus: community beautification, adult and children educational programming, and the Arboretum’s stewardship.

The Arboretum

We drove around the Arboretum (above), a mile-long loop with walking trails and dedicated gardens.

“Some of these trees have been around since the 1920s,” Myers said. “The Arboretum is like a museum for trees.”

For its adult educational focus, LAS hosts a Master Gardner program, and has trained 1,000 Master Gardners over the years. For the kids, there’s the Children’s Garden, with areas like the “zoo garden” (where all the plants are named after animals) and the “ABC garden” (one plant for each letter of the alphabet). Since Battle Creek is the “Cereal City,” there’s a cereal garden with fruits, grains, and even a cow to represent the milk.

ABC Garden

LAS hosts school groups and garden groups, and features programming year round. Visit the Society’s web site to learn more about this fantastic organization.

There’s just two more months left in our GreenBack membership drive, so be sure and pick up a referral card. When you refer friends and family to American 1, you’re entered to win a $500 gas card.

Ten students win our $1,000 scholarship

Five students at our scholarship banquet

A big congratulations to the ten high school grads who won our annual $1,000 scholarship. We had a banquet for the winners yesterday morning to help them celebrate.

All ten students were highly involved in both extra curricular activities and their community while in high school. Each wrote a 2,500-word-or-less essay on the benefits of altruism and how they improved their community through service. We had a scholarship committee read over each essay and award the best with the $1,000 scholarship.

We’ve given scholarships since 2000, and raise the money through our Skip-a-Pay program (where members can skip one month’s loan payment for $25). We’re so proud of these community-minded students.

The winners were:

  • Jessica Sandin (Bellevue High School)
  • Chelsea Cox (Western High School)
  • Emily Harris (Chelsea High School)
  • Jennifer Shaffer (Camden-Frontier High School)
  • Jacob Johnson (Hanover-Horton High School)
  • Maria Taylor (Jonesville High School)
  • Ryan Linderman (Northwest High School)
  • Luke Clore (Hanover-Horton High School)
  • Adam Watson (Union City High)
  • Jacob Heller (Bellevue High School)

Remarkably, we gave out scholarships to students in all four of the counties we serve.

Congratulations to our 10 winners. Look for information on next year’s scholarship contest around the first of the year.

Eight students win $1,000 altruism scholarship

Cheryn Scripter, Amanda Alling, and Elizabeth Curtis all won our $1,000 scholarship.

American 1 reintroduced our loan Skip-a-Pay program last fall, helping to fund our college scholarship program, the Community Involvement Award. Thanks to overwhelming support from members like you, American 1 was able to award eight local high school seniors with $1,000 scholarships.

  • Sandeep Singh (Harper Creek High School)
  • Kaitlin McDowell (Jonesville High School)
  • Amanda Alling (Jackson Christian High School)
  • Elizabeth Curtis (Jonesville High School)
  • Kelsey Warring (Jackson Christian High School)
  • Cheryn Scripter (Western High School)
  • Kimberly McTigue (Columbia Central Options)
  • Joshua Porter (Harper Creek High School)

Congratulations to all the altruistic, community-minded students who won.

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