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American Cancer Society counts coins at Home Office

American Cancer Society coins - keep counting

Mary Ball from the American Cancer Society stopped into our Home Office Thursday to count coins – $686.69 worth.

About $610 of that was loose change collected by students at Northwest Kidder Middle School during their penny war.

Students collect the coins to get their Relay for Life team started.

Mary used our lobby coin counter to calculate all that change, and we waived the fee for the organization, saving them about $42. While the coins were mostly pennies, Mary has her own favorite.

“I’m partial to dimes,” she said. “I like their size and shape. My husband thinks I’m weird.”

Mary estimates that, between cash, checks, and all the coins, Northwest students donated more than $1,000 to their Relay team.

Chelsea’s Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep

Our Supermarket Sweep, a celebration of our Chelsea Branch’s grand opening in 2008, hit the Country Market store last Tuesday. Ten teams raced to grab almost $1,200 in food items for Faith in Action’s food pantry.

Congratulations to Chelsea’s Manpower, who took first place honors. Check out photos from the event at our Flickr photo gallery.

And check out the video from 2009’s Chelsea Supermarket Sweep.

Teaming up wtih Fazoli’s for charity

American 1 and Fazoli’s are teaming up to help our monthly dress-down charity.

Here’s how it works: download our coupon for Fazoli’s Fabulous Family Feast and redeem it at the Jackson or Battle Creek Fazoli’s location. When you do, Fazoli’s will donation $5 to our dress-down charity of the month.

Each month we pick a different local charity. American 1 employees pay $2 every Friday to dress in logowear. At the end of the month, we collect all the money donated and give it to a charity chosen by our staff.

Last year we gave over $11,000 – anywhere from $500 to $2,000 each month – to a different Jackson, Hillsdale, Chelsea, or Battle Creek charity. We also get donations from members during popcorn Fridays at the Home Office and many of our events around the community.

Now you can help by purchasing a discounted Family Feast at the Jackson or Battle Creek Fazoli’s location.

Video: 2009 Chelsea Supermarket Sweep

For your entertainment, here’s a short video on this year’s Supermarket Sweep at Chelsea’s Country Market.

We kicked the event off last year to celebrate the grand opening of our Chelsea Branch. We invite local businesses to race through the supermarket, collecting specially-marked items, and donating everything to Faith In Action.

This year, the teams collected 369 items worth $1,000 – and had a bunch of fun doing it.

And hey, our American 1 team (Janelle, Kari, and Lynn) didn’t get last place. Always a bonus.

See you next year!

Friday roundup from the archive

Americans tighten their spending belts: “A New York Times article by David Leonhardt, “Buying Binge Slams to a Halt,” makes note of something interesting…”

Nite-Lite coupon for $1 off admission: “If haven’t driven through the Nite Lite attraction at the Jackson County Fairgrounds during the holidays, you’re missing out on quite a light show.”

Middle School donates pennies to Cancer Society: “Mary Ball felt good watching thousands of pennies cycle through American 1 Federal Credit Union’s coin-counting machine at its Home Office.”

Did you see us at the Christmas Parade?: “If you braved the chilly weather last Friday night, you probably saw our Home Office lego float make an appearance at the downtown Jackson Christmas parade.”

By the way: you can see our float on Saturday, Dec. 6 in the Chelsea Christmas Parade. See you then!

November picture of the month

Photo of the month

In the end, the kittens were too much for him.

Actually, it’s our downtown Jackson scarecrow for Scarecrow Row, going on this fall. The kittens are on sale at our branches to support the Cascades Humane Society and the Paws & Claws Expo. Grab one for $5!

UPDATE: look for our mad scientist scarecrow right in front of City Hall in downtown Jackson!

Chelsea Supermarket Sweep a hit

Chelsea Branch\'s grand opening

We celebrated two big events on Wednesday: both our Chelsea Branch’s grand opening, and the first Chelsea Supermarket Sweep at Country Market.

Above, our president/CEO Dave Puckett (far left) and Sharon Hayes, Chelsea’s branch manager, clip the ribbon thanks to the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce.

Here are a few more photos from the day.

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Middle School donates pennies to Cancer Society

Theresa Ambs counts pennies for ACS.

Mary Ball felt good watching thousands of pennies cycle through American 1 Federal Credit Union’s coin-counting machine at its Home Office.

“Every dollar makes a difference,” Ball, a community representative for the Great Lakes Division of the American Cancer Society (ACS), said.

Each penny, nickel, dime, and quarter came from sixth, seventh, and eighth graders from Jackson’s Kidder Middle School, in the Northwest School District, and were collected over one week before spring break. American 1 waived its normal seven percent coin machine usage fee to help boost the total.

For the fifth year, kids competed by collecting coins to benefit Jackson’s Relay for Life, a fundraiser for ACS, culminating in an Icebreaker Assembly where Ball accepts all the coins collected. Classes throughout the middle school compete in small games and activities to see who can bring in the most pennies. Each year, the kids raise enough money to sponsor a team at the Relay for Life event on August 1 at Jackson’s Cascades Park.

“The goal is for them to have fun,” Ball said, “and to feel good about what they’ve done.”

All that copper and zinc will help fund ACS’s college scholarship fund and Jackson’s own Camp Catch-a-Rainbow, where children between four and fifteen years old who are being treated for cancer or who are in remission from cancer can enjoy five days of fun activities at the YMCA Storer Camps.

Ultimately, Ball said, each dollar raised “could be the dollar that makes the difference.”

A sixth-grade class at Kidder won the fundraising competition, but the middle school as a whole collected more than 4,600 pennies, 2,600 nickels, 2,800 dimes, 1,100 quarters, and several dollars and personal checks to help the ACS’s cause.

The total? A little more than $1,300 – with $1,247.49 coming from coins alone.

American 1 saved the ACS about $90 by waiving the usage fee.

American 1 Federal Credit Union