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2010 American 1 scholarship winners

2010 scholarship winners

Pictured: Heather Yzenbaard, Sarah Chinavare, Lauren Steele, and Brittnie Jarrett accept their award at our Resource Center.

American 1 is proud to announce the names of our 2010 Community Involvement Award scholarship winners.

These 10 altruistic high school graduates contributed to their community in many ways, and all deserve the $1,000 in scholarship funds for their college careers:

  • Rebecca Brown (Grass Lake High School)
  • Sarah Chinavare (Hanover-Horton High School)
  • Samantha Herzing (Pennfield High School)
  • Brittnie Jarrett (Jackson Christian High School)
  • Alana Lee (Battle Creek Central High School)
  • Meghan Martin (Napoleon High School)
  • Charles Schaerer (Jonesville High School)
  • Jacob Sloan (Quincy High School)
  • Lauren Steele (Western High School)
  • Heather Yzenbaard (Northwest High School)

We know these community-minded students will continue to give back in the future.

American 1’s scholarship program is funded through our Skip-a-Pay program, where members can donate $25 to our scholarship fund to skip a loan payment.

For information on our next scholarship award, check back here in January 2011.

College scholarship application available


Each year, American 1 gives out $1,000 scholarships to altruistic high school students in the counties we serve. Last year, we awarded 10 college scholarships to community-minded students.

We’re making our application available for this year’s award on our What’s New page. You can download the application, and either mail or fax in your form and essay.

The Community Inolvement scholarships are funded through our Skip-a-Pay program, where members can make a $25 donation to our scholarship fund instead of making a loan payment. Members can use Skip-a-Pay once per year, per loan.

This year’s application and essay are due by February 27.

[Above: last year’s Community Involvement Award winners.]

Ten students win our $1,000 scholarship

Five students at our scholarship banquet

A big congratulations to the ten high school grads who won our annual $1,000 scholarship. We had a banquet for the winners yesterday morning to help them celebrate.

All ten students were highly involved in both extra curricular activities and their community while in high school. Each wrote a 2,500-word-or-less essay on the benefits of altruism and how they improved their community through service. We had a scholarship committee read over each essay and award the best with the $1,000 scholarship.

We’ve given scholarships since 2000, and raise the money through our Skip-a-Pay program (where members can skip one month’s loan payment for $25). We’re so proud of these community-minded students.

The winners were:

  • Jessica Sandin (Bellevue High School)
  • Chelsea Cox (Western High School)
  • Emily Harris (Chelsea High School)
  • Jennifer Shaffer (Camden-Frontier High School)
  • Jacob Johnson (Hanover-Horton High School)
  • Maria Taylor (Jonesville High School)
  • Ryan Linderman (Northwest High School)
  • Luke Clore (Hanover-Horton High School)
  • Adam Watson (Union City High)
  • Jacob Heller (Bellevue High School)

Remarkably, we gave out scholarships to students in all four of the counties we serve.

Congratulations to our 10 winners. Look for information on next year’s scholarship contest around the first of the year.

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