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North St.: A peek inside

North St. - Windows

Some exciting new pictures from our North St. Branch construction site – this time with shots of the inside.

It’s coming along. And the inside? It’s huge.

Stay tuned for more!

Progress continues at North St.

North St. - materials

Construction is continuing at our new North St. Branch, and we have new photos to share.

O’Harrow Construction now has the base of the building set up, and is working on pouring concrete, setting the roof, and defining walls at the branch location.

For up-to-date photos on our North St. progress, visit our Flickr photo gallery.

North St. update: we have a building

North St. - crane

Well look at that – we have a building at our new North St. Branch location.

O’Harrow Construction began piecing together actual walls and support beams this week.

Check out our Flickr photo gallery for up-to-date photos on our North St. construction project.

North St. Branch preview

North St. Branch preview

Click the picture for a bigger view.

Pretty sharp! Keep up to date on our North St. progress with the “northst” tag on the blog.

Argyle vs. North St. – size comparison


So just how big is our North St. Branch property?

Using Google Maps, you can see exactly how big it is in comparison with our Argyle Branch property – the red-circled spot on the map above.

At the bottom, you can see our North St. property, which – as of this snapshot – is still a big green, grassy field. The white box overlaying the field is the entire property on Argyle St.

North St. is going to be big.

North St. Branch groundbreaking August 26

North St. - heading west

We’re excited to announce our official North St. Branch groundbreaking ceremony will take place Wednesday, Aug. 26 at 4:30 p.m.

American 1’s board of directors, senior management, and representatives from O’Harrow Construction, will oversee the kick-off for construction on our newest branch. We hope to have the whole thing done by December this year.

Come out and join us!

Pardon the mess: our site’s under construction

If you visit our homepage anytime in the past day or so, you might have noticed things were a bit…different.

After a bit of research and experimentation, I’m redesigning our homepage to be a little more user-friendly. What do you think so far?

The parts that change, the Promotions and Events sections, were stuck at the bottom of the old site. Really, it should be at the top since it’s always changing. Now it is.

Also, with just the headings and links, the front page looked a bit too simple. So I added a graphic to highlight whatever special deal we’ve got going on.

And finally, all the meat and potatoes – savings, lending, etc. – have moved to the bottom, with more options. Some had issue with the inability to find what they were looking for. I hope we’ve fixed that.

Let me know what you think of the changes either way.

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