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In the news: Chelsea Kids’ Fest

Chelsea Kids' Fest - Practice

It was a beautiful, sunny day at our Chelsea Kids’ Fest this past Wednesday. You can check out pictures from the event at our Flickr photo gallery.

The Jackson Citizen Patriot had a nice write up on the event in Thursday’s paper. Check it out.

Thanks for everyone who came! If you’re interested in participating next year, visit our Kids’ Fest page for contact information.

What ‘local’ really means to us

Does the bank support community events or do they just pocket the money they earn? Do they have really good customer service or is it usually easier to just go use an ATM?

Most of the benefit of buying local comes from the fact that many local shops are involved with supporting the communities they serve…If the local bank doesn’t provide any value for being local – meaning they just scoop away money out of the community – I don’t value them any higher than any other bank. It becomes just a pure rate comparison.

Here, in an excerpt from The Simple Dollar, is American 1 in a nutshell.

As a not-for-profit credit union, we’re obligated to return our “profits” back to our members and our community. So while other financial institutions may keep the fees they charge you, we turn around and invest them in community events all year long.

That’s what being a “local” financial institution really means: giving back to the communities we serve.

Video: how credit unions give back

This video, from Young & Free Alberta, perfectly illustrates American 1’s philosophy in regards to community giving. You can write a check (like some banks do), or you can do the hard work yourself and get involved in the community.

Pardon the mess: our site’s under construction

If you visit our homepage anytime in the past day or so, you might have noticed things were a bit…different.

After a bit of research and experimentation, I’m redesigning our homepage to be a little more user-friendly. What do you think so far?

The parts that change, the Promotions and Events sections, were stuck at the bottom of the old site. Really, it should be at the top since it’s always changing. Now it is.

Also, with just the headings and links, the front page looked a bit too simple. So I added a graphic to highlight whatever special deal we’ve got going on.

And finally, all the meat and potatoes – savings, lending, etc. – have moved to the bottom, with more options. Some had issue with the inability to find what they were looking for. I hope we’ve fixed that.

Let me know what you think of the changes either way.

Frugal tactics to save money this summer

Trent over at the Simple Dollar blog always has great personal finance tips to share. Check out his “Eight Little Frugal Tactics I’ve Learned This Summer” for some pointers on how to not spend a bunch of money, but still have a good time, during these warmer months.

Here’s one we can identify with:

Community festivals can be a very cheap way to spend a summer weekend, particularly ones near your home or ones that line up well with other planned summer trips. Just take along a sack lunch, watch a parade and the other activities (or even participate), and even sample some of the local fare by buying one and sharing it with the rest of your group. Even better, you can participate in events that push you a bit outside your comfort zone and let you try something a bit different than usual.

Great idea, Trent. In fact, we’ll give you a few ideas on some fun, free, family-focused activities this summer. His other tips include no-brainers like growing a garden, using scrap paper for kindling, and actually getting to know your neighbors. Imagine that.

Call us ‘Flickr Pros’ from now on.

We just upgraded our Flickr account to the “pro” level, meaning we can upload as many photos as create as many sets as we want.

Yahoo! (no pun intended)

Flickr is a great photo sharing and management web site provided by Yahoo! It’s free to join, but the free account limits your photo uploads to 200 and your sets to three. The “pro” level costs about $25 a year.

Feel free to browse through our photo collections, steal some, and add us as a contact. American 1 makes a point to take tons of pictures during events. Call us historical, we just like to look back on all the fun we had.

American 1 Event Center?

It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

If you picked up this weekend’s Jackson Citizen Patriot, you may have read about American 1 sponsoring the county fairground event center.

Well it’s true. It will now be the “American 1 Event Center,” and we’re super excited about being the first major sponsor.

It’s a 10-year deal, meaning we’re giving back to Jackson to the tune of $112,500. We’ll make sure the 13,903-square foot facility will feature new signage and more community-focused events.

We have hosted tons of events at the Event Center over the years: Kids’ Fest, vehicle sales, many of the Women’s Expos, and the Paws & Claws Expo. It only made sense to get involved.

And we’re putting a no-surcharge ATM inside. Can’t beat that.

Look for more news and new event opportunities as they come along. And welcome to the American 1 Event Center.

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