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Jackson and Grass Lake Christmas parade pictures

Jackson Christmas Parade - All set to go

American 1 particpated in the Jackson, Brooklyn, and Grass Lake Christmas parade this year, and we have a bunch of pictures to share. Check out pictures of the Jackson and Grass Lake parades at our Flickr gallery.

Our friends over at took some great shots of the downtown Jackson parade, too.

Meet Sharon, our May Lugnuts tickets winner

Sharon wins Lugnuts tickets

Congratulations to Sharon Furman of Grass Lake. She’s our May 2009 membership drawing winner, earning four Lansing Lugnuts box seats and a few food vouchers.

Sharon referred her son, Michael, to American 1 after he quit his former bank.

“I told him, ‘It’s great – it’s where I like to go,'” Sharon said of American 1.

There’s one more month left in our Lugnuts referral prize drawing. Earn your chance to win Lugnuts tickets when you refer a new member in June.

$1,000 winner takes some convincing

When I first called Kim Kirkland, a Grass Lake member, to tell her she had won our $1,000 grand prize drawing for the membership campaign, she didn’t believe me. Kim though it was her daughter, Jessica, playing a prank on her.

“We always play games on each other,” Kim says.

In fact, it took a posting on our blog and a meeting at our Grass Lake branch to convince her otherwise.

And who can blame her? If someone called you and said, “You just won $1,000,” would you believe them? Maybe not.

But an actual $1,000 deposit into an account would change almost anyone’s mind.

For referring her daughter, Kim was put into our “platinum” prize drawing: $1,000 cash just for referring a friend or family member. We called it the “Pass the Torch” campaign, and it’s ending just in time for the Olympics. Every member who referred someone was entered to win. Kim was the lucky one.

“It’s awesome,” she says. “It’s just really…awesome.”

Kim joined American 1 after talking to us at the Grass Lake Expo. She heard about our no-surcharge ATM network, and refinanced her auto loan with us.

“We saved a ton of money,” Kim says.

Kim got her daughter to sign up for American 1’s College and Beyond program. It’s a good thing she did, because that little push earned her $1,000 cash. What will she do with her winnings?

“There’s 101 places to put it,” Kim says, including helping to pay for Jessica’s education.

Congratulations to Kim, and to Patricia Dunham, who was our July “bronze medal” $25 cash winner (right).

From here on out, we’re giving away a $500 gas card to one lucky member who refers someone to American 1. It could be you!

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