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Closing early for Annual Meeting

American 1’s Home Office will close early on Thursday, June 17 to prepare for our annual meeting.

Our lobby will close at 6:30 p.m., a half-hour early. The Drive Thru on Perrine St., however, will stay open until 7 p.m.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

American Cancer Society counts coins at Home Office

American Cancer Society coins - keep counting

Mary Ball from the American Cancer Society stopped into our Home Office Thursday to count coins – $686.69 worth.

About $610 of that was loose change collected by students at Northwest Kidder Middle School during their penny war.

Students collect the coins to get their Relay for Life team started.

Mary used our lobby coin counter to calculate all that change, and we waived the fee for the organization, saving them about $42. While the coins were mostly pennies, Mary has her own favorite.

“I’m partial to dimes,” she said. “I like their size and shape. My husband thinks I’m weird.”

Mary estimates that, between cash, checks, and all the coins, Northwest students donated more than $1,000 to their Relay team.

Shred day cancelled

Unfortunately, we have to cancel the free document shredding day we scheduled for this Saturday, Jan. 13.

Northwest Refuse, the compay who provided the mobile shredder at our events, told us earlier this month that the shredded broke down, and they didn’t know when (or if) they could get a replacement.

But we will work on another shredding date, so look for updates right here on our blog.

A special visitor to our Home Office

Princess Bella, with Shandi

Over the years, plenty of special guests have paid a visit to our Home Office: Santa, Paws from the Detroit Tigers, and now…a goat.

With a diaper on.

Princess Bella (above, with Shandi) stopped by American 1’s Home Office on Friday. Maybe to drop off her paycheck?

No deposits for Princess Bella

Bella certainly has good fashion sense. Her rhinestone collar was a hit. We wonder if she has a savings account, however. Maybe pet insurance?

Other pets have stopped by our Home Office, usually with their owners, but “goats with diapers on” has been, so far, missing from the VIP list.

Thanks for stopping by, Princess.

Smart Commute Day 2009

Smart Commute Day 2009

American 1 participated in the Fitness Council’s Smart Commute Day.

Most of our Home Office and Resource Center participants parked at work, walked to Nixon Park on Cooper and North St., and then hiked back to work. About 46% of our employees participated.

It was a beautiful walk back to work. Hope everyone else had a great Smart Commute Day!

Home Office extends hours, starting today

Good news: our Home Office at 718 E. Michigan Ave. in downtown Jackson is extending its hours to 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Our Perrine St. Drive Through is open later, too.

Other financial institutions are shuttering or moving, but not us. American 1 is making it more convenient to do your banking.

For a full list of branches and hours, visit our Locations page.

Crazy Bowl cash machine winner

The winnings

Congratulations to Josephine Marco (above, with grandson Mike) for winning Junior Achievement’s Crazy Bowl grand prize – a trip to our cash machine for a chance to grab for $1,000.

Falling money

Josephine had her grandson grab for the cash (above). Josephine won the grand prize drawing after buying a raffle ticket from her daughter, Ann Marie. All proceeds from the drawing went to support Junior Achievement’s Crazy Bowl fundraiser.

Count it up

Mike grabbed $423 for his grandma, which isn’t a bad haul. They stopped by our Home Office on Saturday to try the cash grab with Marla (above).

Congrats to Josephine!

Did you see us at the Christmas Parade?

Christmas Parade - all lit up

If you braved the chilly weather last Friday night, you probably saw our Home Office lego float make an appearance at the downtown Jackson Christmas parade.

We decorated the float, adding a wreath and tons of lights, Friday afternoon. Check out some photos from the event at our Flickr site.

One ton of paper shredded at Shredfest

Number of the day:


That’s the amount of paper, in pounds, that Northwest Refuse shredded at our Shredfest last weekend. Almost one ton of paper securely obliterated.

It was a freezing cold and rainy day that Saturday, but about 50 people stopped by to shred their confidential documents in our Home Office parking lot. Bill and the guys from Northwest deserve a pat on the back for standing out there all day to help people out.

We posted some pictures from the event, and I took some video (above) of how the process works.

Shredder winner Kelly

Plus we held a drawing for a personal shredder. Congratulations to Kelly D. (above), one of our Jackson members, for winning! Kelly brought

Stay tuned for news on whether we’ll hold another Shredfest. In the meantime, Northwest Refuse does this kind of thing during regular businesses hours, so be sure to pay them a visit.

Cancelled: Rep. Walberg’s visit

Because of all the hoopla surrounding the financial markets, Rep. Tim Walberg’s visit to our Home Office Friday has been cancelled.

We’re working with the campaign to get it rescheduled, so stay tuned for an announcement.

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