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Winter Wonderland 2010 photos

Winter Wonderland - Exit

This past weekend American 1 employees celebrated our own night at the Winter Wonderland. We took some photos of the event on Saturday night, and boy what a turnout!

Winter Wonderland starts up again this Friday, Dec. 17 and runs through December 23. It’s free with paid entry to Nite Lites. Hope to see you there.

North St.: A peek inside

North St. - Windows

Some exciting new pictures from our North St. Branch construction site – this time with shots of the inside.

It’s coming along. And the inside? It’s huge.

Stay tuned for more!

Call us ‘Flickr Pros’ from now on.

We just upgraded our Flickr account to the “pro” level, meaning we can upload as many photos as create as many sets as we want.

Yahoo! (no pun intended)

Flickr is a great photo sharing and management web site provided by Yahoo! It’s free to join, but the free account limits your photo uploads to 200 and your sets to three. The “pro” level costs about $25 a year.

Feel free to browse through our photo collections, steal some, and add us as a contact. American 1 makes a point to take tons of pictures during events. Call us historical, we just like to look back on all the fun we had.

Rose Parade photos posted on Flickr

Flowers in the park

For those that couldn’t make it to the Rose Parade or Party in the Park this past Sunday, you can live vicariously through our Flickr page – where we just posted photos of the day.


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