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What American 1 card do you use?

Check all the American 1 cards you use regularly!

Poll: Your favorite car decade

Maybe it’s the decade you got your first car, or maybe you’re a collector of a certain vintage – either way, you probably have your favorite decade for cars.

The classic styles of the ’50s, or the muscle cars of the ’60s. It could be you like the sleek, modern styles of today’s cars, or the giant boats of the ’70s and ’80s.

Let us know:

Poll: What’s the best way to get information?

We’re wondering what method you use to get information about American 1, or what is the best way to get that information to you. Answering either is fine – we just wonder what our members are looking for.

If you have any further thoughts, leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

Friday Poll: do you support a Detroit automaker bailout?

News from the New York Times this morning says the chances of a Detroit automaker bailout package are getting slimmer.

Since were here in south-central Michigan are affected by a potential collapse of American automakers, I wonder: do you think the government should use part of the financial bailout package to aid the Big Three?

One more week for statement poll

We’ll give everyone one more week to answer our poll above: do you open your statement when it comes in the mail?

By collecting the answers, we have a point to make – but that will come later. For now, get to voting!

Poll: do you open your statements each month?

We’re wondering: how many members open up their statements when they receive them in the mail. Pick your choice above, then click the “VOTE” button. Be honest!

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