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American 1: Everywhere you are, too

A fun video from Service 1 FCU up in Muskegon. The same principle applies to American 1, and most credit unions.

With services like online banking, online Bill Pay, A1 Access for your phone, and our giant network of no-surcharge ATMs, American 1 is pretty much everywhere you are.

Man vs. Bank: the commercial

Check it out: you’ll soon be able to see our “Man vs. Bank” video on a Comcast commercial near you!

Video: how credit unions give back

This video, from Young & Free Alberta, perfectly illustrates American 1’s philosophy in regards to community giving. You can write a check (like some banks do), or you can do the hard work yourself and get involved in the community.

Credit unions: safe, sound, with federal insurance

Can’t say it any smipler than that. From CUNA’s “Mica Minute.”

Credit unions vs. banks

Wondering what’s the difference between a bank and a credit union? What is a credit union, anyway?

Taleris Credit Union in Ohio does a great job of comparing the two financial institutions, with a handy table that sets credit union and bank features against each other, side-by-side.

Need a video comparison? Check out this famous YouTube clip, or enjoy the one above.

Watch this year’s American 1 Teen Idol performances

Good news: we put together a video of all ten semi-finalists’ performances during Teen Idol 2008. I took a snippet of video from each and put them all together.

Also, check out the Jackson Citizen Patriot’s article on the event this weekend.

With Blair’s video, and now this one, we’ll put together one more that highlights all the action from that night, so stay tuned!

Working 9 to 6 at Home Office

After our Flip video camera arrived from, I took it out of the box and immediately started to shoot some video of our Home Office crew here in Jackson.

That’s them, plus a tour of the branch, in the video – waving hello and (mostly) looking pleased to be videotaped.

Recognize anyone?

The Rose Parade in (moving) pictures

A little something we put together to show what a great time we had at the Rose Parade and Party in the Park. Check out a few more of our videos on our YouTube page.

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